Bjørnskov/Flensborg Quartet


Bjørnskov – Flensborg Quartet feat. Stan Sulzmann

Bjørnskov - Flensborg Quartet present their new album "Roots" featuring English saxophonist Stan Sulzmann creating a new connection in Nordic and European jazz.

Experience a close co-operation between legendary jazz saxophonist Stan Sulzmann and the Danish trio Torben Bjørnskov - Pojken Flensburg & Espen Laub von Lillienskjold on their new album " Roots published 2014 on Long Life Records.

Stan Sulzmann (sax) has for many years has been leading figure on the European jazz scene with his intense and distinctive sound. Stan Sulzmann has played and recorded with numerous notable musicians such as Kenny Wheeler, John Taylor and Marc Copland and has helped to draw and make its mark on the European jazz scene.

Torben Bjørnskov (bass) is a prominent musician on the Danish jazz scene and has appeared on numerous albums - several in his own name - in recent years, with a particular focus on the Nordic influences in the music - Even though he comes from a musical background strongly influenced and inspired by the American jazz tradition. He has toured most of Europe - with detours to the United States and Mexico. (The Matthew Herbert Bigband, Tom Harrell, Billy Cobham, Peter Rosendal, amongst many others

Pojken Flensburg (piano) is also a prominent musician on the Danish jazz scene and also has numerous CD releases and projects- and many as musical director. He is known for his beautiful sound and sensitive and intense playing.

Espen Laub von Lillienskjold (drums) contributes last - but certainly not least - as the youngest of the clan of " Roots “. With its wide experience on the jazz scene and youth outreach energy, he is the last and decisive sprout in an intense musical project about language, identity and common musical roots.

" Roots " -A little bit about the background of the CD.

Roots is a result of my wish to bring together the musicians that I've played with over the years and feel a special bound and communication with: Pojken, Espen and Stan. The constellation is marked by an almost telepathic communication even though the material is new untested and sometimes surprising.

The title of the album " Roots " refers to the music's roots and origins - where does the music come from and why are we creating the sounds and expressions we do?

In a global time, we are influenced by cultures from around the world and are not necessarily rooted in one place. Yet there is something in the culture we grew up in creating a special resonance and reverberation in us. It is precisely those musical roots the trio and Stan Sulzmann listened and searched for in the hope of creating a bridge between the past and the present roots and cultural influences. The starting point has not been thinking in terms of genres - but rather more been a deliberate search and perception by common musical roots - from a strong desire for simplicity, strong melodies and plenty of room for improvisation.

So - I wanted to write Songs specifically for this constellation but also in the process I wanted to be able to discard compositions either of the inner critic or because they fell outside the concept.

Therefore Pojken and I met with a number of compositions.
We did like children choosing toys: We made a YES and NO pile and played through the songs until we had what we thought was good material for the CD.

Then we went to record in the studio with Stan and Espen. We would give them the freedom to make their initial bids on the compositions so that the music was allowed to live their own lives. We had a strong idea of ​​where we wanted the music to go but decided quickly to let the Songs find their natural expression from our interaction and common inputs.

We are pleased and proud to present " Roots " that includes large parts improvisation but also quite simple arrangements and melodies and hope that you will enjoy the music.

- Torben Bjørnskov


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